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Flor-Hanly services primary producers across Central and Northern Queensland and beyond. From the CQ coast to Longreach. From Charters Towers to Roma.

Grain, beef or cane, Accountants with firsthand experience in primary production.

Not only does Flor-Hanly specialise in serving primary producers, many of our team members have first-hand experience in the industry.

The founder of Flor-Hanly, Cliff Flor, has cane and cattle operations surrounding Mackay.

Director, Tony Olsen, is originally from the Wandoan Taroom district in Queensland.  He and his family have grazing operations at Wandoan and Rockhampton. Tony and his wife Emma live on a property at Kuttabul (North of Mackay) where they grow sugar cane and run the Lindley Park Brahman stud.

Many of Flor-Hanly's accounting team have grazing or sugar cane operations themselves. We firmly believe it is difficult to work with and advise primary producers without having that background yourself.

Primary Production is a specialist area. You need an accountant with a genuine interest in, and love for the industry.  There are a wide range of tax provisions that relate only to primary production, some of which are very generous.  It is surprising however, how many do not take advantage of these. We combine this specialised Agribusiness advisory knowledge with software tailored for Primary Production, such as Figured. This allows us to provide the best of 'old fashioned' knowledge combined with cutting edge technology and tools to give you a strategic edge.

In the past, those on the land could work hard and get ahead. Now hard work is not enough in the agribusiness sector.  Strategically managing cash flow and planning are extremely important in this time of lower commodity prices and ever increasing input costs.  Primary production is a business and needs to be managed as such (hopefully whilst still maintaining the lifestyle). 

Flor-Hanly's accounting team work with agribusiness clients to help them plan ahead and manage their cash flow. There is no point paying excessive tax now when next year you may be struggling.

To talk to accountants with firsthand experience in primary production and dirt in their veins contact Flor-Hanly on (07) 4963 4800.

“A first class accountant will work with you to assist in the wealth creation process mostly taking a bigger picture view and not just processing your tax return each year.” Business Edge Course for Northern Beef Producers - MLA.

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