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Riverside Station (Nebo) - Allan & Jeanette Williams

The Williams Family have been with the firm since 1972. Financially we were in a very distressed situation. Our cattle were mortgaged to Dalgety’s and therefore we could not sell them on the open market. Cliff Flor advised us to borrow money from the Rural Development Bank to release the mortgage at Dalgety’s. This advice was invaluable, together with current advice given by Tony. This has resulted in us having a very successful cattle grazing operation.

Do you find it easy to relate to the team at Flor-Hanly?

Yes, we feel very comfortable with Tony and Judy, and they look after our business affairs on a daily basis. From a general business question to a mining matter they assist us and explain things in a very down to earth manner.

Do you feel that Flor-Hanly understands your business and your personal circumstances?

Flor-Hanly truly do understand our business. In fact Tony, Judy and the team at Flor-Hanly are part of the Williams Family, and we couldn’t imagine doing business with anyone else.

What do you believe is the difference between Flor-Hanly and other Accountants you have dealt with?

We have never had to deal with another accounting firm, as we have always felt comfortable with the advice that Flor-Hanly give. We can’t imagine what it would be like to phone your Accountant and not be able to talk with him. Flor-Hanly offer a very personal, confidential and professional service.

How has your financial situation been positively affected by the services of Flor-Hanly?

Flor-Hanly have been a major part of our grazing operation’s success as it is today.

Do you receive advice that helps you enjoy life more?

Allan’s life is on the land at Riverside, however he does enjoy attending cattle sales. Tony’s advice has been “If you like it – buy it”, although Jeanette always has the final say.

Do you believe that Flor-Hanly really cares about you and your business?

Most definitely. They are a very personal firm

What do you like most about Flor-Hanly and their services?

Tony takes the time to visit client’s properties, to enable a full understanding of the business. Tony does understand the Cattle Industry. This is because of his family also being off the land.

How comfortable are you with contacting Flor-Hanly for advice throughout the year?

We never hesitate to phone the Flor-Hanly office. There are days when we can talk to Judy a number of times, and any matter, whether big or small is never a problem to her. When we visit the office we are always welcomed with a cup of tea and a chat before we start our business discussions.

In what way has the advice and planning services provided by Flor-Hanly helped you?

The advice given to us over the years has enabled our family business to grow as an entity with additional properties added to our structure. Over the last 20 years mining companies and mining activities have had a large impact on our properties. Cliff and Tony have assisted us greatly in managing this impact, working together. Flor-Hanly together with SmartHR have worked together to implement an online induction for all mining companies entering our properties.

Do you believe you receive good value for money?

Yes. We are given good advice, which helps us run our business to it’s full potential.

Are there any other comments you would like to make?

The fact that we have been with Flor-Hanly since 1972 is testament to the Firm’s integrity, values and strong relationship they have with their clients.

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