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Kennedy Automatics & Rural Property Operation (Mt Charlton & Mackay) - Dan Kennedy

We were unhappy with our previous accountant, then I started to read the articles that Tony Olsen writes for the Queensland Country Life. After realising that he really does understand both business and rural properties, my decision to move was an easy one. We really liked how he explained complex strategies and we haven't looked back since then.

The general advice, tax planning and our Self-Managed Super Fund are the most important areas that Tony Olsen and Flor-Hanly have helped us with. Our SMSF was a real mess when we moved across to Flor-Hanly. Tony's team diligently corrected it for us. They are very conscientious and they have high attention to detail which makes me feel very happy that everything is now done correctly. Before, I used to be worried. I had to check all the accountant’s work but now at Flor-Hanly I know without a single doubt, that it is all in order.

The team at Flor-Hanly are all very friendly and down to earth. Tony's personal experience with rural business particularly, is invaluable for us. They pay particular attention to our business and our personal circumstances and they understand it all very intricately. They also worked with us for our estate planning. They made the process much easier. I don't know how we would have done it without them.

During the years that Flor-Hanly has worked with us, everything, from our Self-Managed Super Fund, personal taxation and business planning has all moved forward positively. The staff members care about us on a personal level. Tony knows my life goals and he has been helping me to achieve them since day one. It's really nice to have an accountant who cares about you personally and not just about the business / tax side of life.

One very valuable point off difference that we have found when using Flor-Hanly compared to dealing with other Accountants, is that the staff always encourage continuous contact to make sure everything is progressing well and we are okay. I never hesitate to call or visit the office. They are very accommodating and always try to fit us in regardless of whether it's urgent or not.

The thing we like the most is their personal, caring attitude. You don't find that in many businesses. Tony is not there to just get the dollar out of you. Tony and his team care on a personal level, as well as on the business side of things. You get value for money at Flor-Hanly. There aren't too many businesses that operate like that nowadays. I believe you definitely get what you pay for. I can honestly say that I don't think I could ever foresee a reason for leaving them. We feel very relaxed with our financial affairs because I know we are in good hands, undoubtedly the best.

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