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Winchester Downs (Moranbah) - Beryl Neilsen

I have used Flor-Hanly since the mid 1980’s. Prior to that, our previous accountant was a large company firm where the service wasn’t personalised. At Flor-Hanly this has never been the case. Moving to Flor-Hanly was quite a revelation for us at Winchester Downs, a turning point for our business’s success indefinitely.

The Flor-Hanly team have really straightened out the business for me. I am relaxed and confident now that it is looked after by Flor-Hanly, which also makes me happy on a personal level. I am confident that Flor-Hanly carefully looks after everything in the business from start to finish.

Cliff Flor continues to work with Winchester Downs in the very specialised field of ‘mining compensation claims’, which is another service I value immensely.

Tony and a number of his staff have travelled to visit my operation on various occasions. This means they have a very detailed understanding of my business. Tony has always talked to me in a manner that ensures I fully understand the tax implications of what we are doing in the business. They are very caring at Flor-Hanly.

I spend a lot of time working with Judy, to the point where we have formed a very caring and personal relationship. I trust them with no bounds.

The advice I have received from Flor-Hanly and Darren Franklin from Bridges Personal Investments has always been what I believe to be ‘good’ advice. My financial situation has improved because of this advice. I trust their ethics and capabilities implicitly.

I’m not just a name on a list. I truly feel that everyone at Flor-Hanly cares about me, both on a personal level and on a business level. Sometimes I stop and think perhaps I go on too many holidays, however Tony encourages me to spend time away from the business and to simply enjoy life. That allows me to enjoy my passion for travelling.

The friendly and caring service I receive is the one thing that I value the most about Flor-Hanly. I definitely enjoy visiting the office to have morning tea with Tony and Judy. It’s very much like an extension of family to me. Tony also goes to the effort of phoning to check in on me out of the blue, which is something I appreciate.

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