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Starbright Station (Charters Towers) - Carol Ross

I've known the firm for 32 years, my late husband perhaps 10 years prior to that. I first meet Mr Flor and the firm 32 years ago. As Mr Flor stepped back, we naturally moved across to Tony. He is more than an accountant to me. He is a trusted advisor and friend.

The advice Mr Flor and Tony Olsen have provided reflects the firm's integrity and is it's greatest asset. It's really more than an accounting firm. The advice they give is well thought out and well measured. It's also my impression that Flor-Hanly will also use and work with other professionals or recommend other professionals where necessary.

Do you find it easy to relate to Flor-Hanly?

Yes. Tony is very upfront and doesn't try to soften the issue.

Do you believe that the people at Flor-Hanly genuinely care about you and your business?

Yes. I mainly deal with Tony and Ronnie. I just love talking with Ronnie, she is so calm and nothing is ever too much trouble. She is very good to me. She doesn't mind me asking stupid questions and I just really enjoy speaking with her.

What one thing do you like most about Flor-Hanly?

I simply trust them. That's not to say that I don't make up my mind about issues, but the advice I receive from Tony I trust.

How comfortable do you feel about contacting the staff at Flor-Hanly?

Very comfortable. I always think about what I want to know before I call but I don't hesitate to call them for advice.

In what way has the advice and planning services provided by Flor-Hanly most helped you?

I think in helping my husband and I sort our succession plan. A lot of that advice initially came from Flor-Hanly. They sat in on our discussions with our solicitor and of course Tony is now the chief executor of Stuart's estate.

Tony's advice to myself is very valuable and it is very comforting to me as a fellow executor of the estate to have a solid man's advice. He is not going to give me bad advice. He is very important to me at the present time.

Everyone has an agenda these days, so when you ask for advice they often give you advice to benefit themselves. Tony would never do that.

A man like Tony is great also for rural clients because he understands the land. He has a very down to earth touch with rural clients because he does understand where they are coming from, He understands all the issues one is faced with living on the land.

Do you believe you receive good value for money?

What you pay for is what you get. If you want the best advice you have to pay accordingly.

Are there any other comments you would like to make?

Over the years a personal element has come to it. My degree of trust has grown with that accordingly. Another thing I like is Tony's family values. His wife and children are very delightful and to me that says a lot about Tony as a man himself.

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